Our Story

In 1990, Builder’s Best had a simple mission: manufacture The All Metal Solution to Dryer Venting™.

Easy to install, but a fire hazard, slinky dryer vents were clogging up dryers nationwide. A new way of hooking up clothes dryer venting was needed. Charles Anderson had an idea for venting that could be installed in close quarters and allowed the dryer to be pulled away from the wall without disconnecting the system. His solution was the Snap-Lock® Pipe and Close Elbows®. Builder’s Best quickly gained recognition for its unique solutions, including more elbows and rigid periscopes, redefining efficiency and safety standards.


Builder’s Best is run by Charles’s son, John, who has expanded the product line to cover 3″ to 20″ diameter duct, heavy duty through wall hoods and roof caps in galvanized, aluminum and plastic.

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What we do

We design, engineer, tool, manufacture, print and package in-house.  We ship packages to truckloads nationwide. Our products are carried by wholesalers, distributors and retailers coast to coast.

We’re proud to celebrate 30 years with you!

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Our headquarters is in Jacksonville, Texas. We are centrally located in the rolling hills of east Texas, not far from Interstate 20, two hours east of Dallas and four hours north of Houston.  We also maintain plants in Jacksonville, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.


We are a manufacturer dedicated to American labor and producing reliable venting solutions.

With nearly 300,000 square feet in manufacturing and distribution facilities, Builder’s Best enables professional installers and homeowners to solve residential and commercial venting needs quickly and confidently.

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