Spec Sheets

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All Metal UL2158A Clothes Dryer Transition Duct

UL2158A Multiple Ends
V250-TD Plain Ends
Builders Best Snap Lock Pipe V850-TD & V830
E-Z-Fasten™ V450-TD & V430
Readi-Pipe™ V450-TD & V430

UL® 181 Semi Rigid Flexible Duct

UL V750 Metalflex® Universal Collars
UL V350-U Metalflex Uncompressed
V250 Metalflex Plain Ends
UL A300 insulated R4
UL A300 insulated R6
UL A300 insulated R8
UL A100 Thermofin® Uncompressed T-Fin
UL A100 Thermofin® Stretchfit T-Fin

SAF-T-DUCT® Semi Rigid Flexible Duct

Builders Best Snap Lock Pipe V850-TD & V830
E-Z-Fasten™ V450-TD & V430
Readi-Pipe™ V450-TD & V430

Non-Labeled Semi Rigid Flexible Duct

V730 Double Female
V330 PRO Semi Rigid Flexible Pipe one end crimped
V331 PRO Semi Rigid Flexible Pipe double crimp one end
V230 PRO Semi Rigid Flexible Pipe plain ends
V320 Semi Rigid Flexible Pipe one end crimped
V321 Semi Rigid Flexible Pipe double crimp one end
V220 Semi Rigid Flexible Pipe plain ends

Rigid Round Duct

Rigid V030
Rigid V020
Rigid V010


Periscope Zero 0″ to 5″
Periscope 0″ to 18″
Periscope 18″ to 29″
Periscope 29″ to 50″

Wire Helix Hose

PRO Vinyl Hose
Standard Vinyl Hose
Vinyl Bathroom Fan Vent Kits
ClearDuct Hose
Silverduct™ Long Length Clothes Dryer Transition Duct 2158A
Silverduct™ Clothes Dryer Transition Duct 2158A
Foil Duct UL® 181 labeled


Close Elbow®
Close Elbow® UL®2158A
Wall Offset Elbow®
Dryer Offset Elbow®
Galvanized Adjustable Elbow
Aluminum Adjustable Elbow
Long Sweep Elbow
Plastic Squeeze Elbow

Eave Vents

Plastic Mini-Louver Intakes

Mini Louver PFL342 with 1/2″ grid
Mini Louver PFL344 with 1/4″ grid
Mini Louver PFL348 with 1/8″ mesh screen


SV28 Primex
SV Primex
RDV Primex
Plastic Eave Vent PEV620 (was 802) exhaust


AEV199 Fresh-Air-Intake
AEV199 exhaust Screen
AEV199 Dryer Eave Vent Spec Sheet
AFL349 Micro Louver

Wall Vent Hoods – Galvanized

Heavy Galvanized – P-Tanium™ Paintable

GWM704 P-Tanium screen
GWM720 P-Tanium™ flapper
GWM724 P-Tanium™ flapper and screen
GWM730 P-Tanium™ spring flapper
GWM734 P-Tanium spring flapper & screen

Galvanized – P-Tanium™ Paintable

GWM404 & GWM 420 Ptanium exhaust (was GWM 271)

Heavy Gauge Galvanized – Spangled

GWM602 1/2 x 1/2 screen
GWM604 1/4 x 1/4 screen
GWM620 Flapper
GWM624 flapper and 1/4 x 1/4 screen
GWM630 spring loaded flapper

Wall Vent Hoods – Aluminum

Heavy Gauge Aluminum

AWM604 screen
AWM620 flapper
AWM624 flapper and screen
AWM630 spring flapper
AWM634 spring flapper and screen


AWM320 & AWM 324 (was AWM271) Aluminum Wide Mouth Hood
ASM320 (ASM277) Standard Hood
ARR Aluminum Rectangular Hood

Wall Vent Hoods – Plastic

Wide Mouth

PWM622 Plastic Wide Mouth Hood with screen (was PWM113)
PWM620 Plastic Wide Mouth Hood (was PWM113)
Universal pest guard
SM Primex Side Wall Cap
WC Primex Wall Cap
WCL Primex Wall Cap


PML320 Louvered Hood
PML324 Louvered Hood with 1/4″ grid
PML328 Louvered Hood with 1/8″ wire mesh grid
J Block Vent Hood

Roof Vents


GRV Spangled Roof Cap Spec Sheet
GRV Black Roof Cap Spec Sheet
Creative Crown Vent Cap
Broad Band


ARV Aluminum Roof Cap Spec Sheet


Duraflo Plastic Roof Cap Bath Exhaust
Duraflo Plastic Roof Cap Dryer Exhaust
RVL28 Primex Low Profile
RV28 Primex Gooseneck
RV20 Primex Low Profile


Aluminum Tailpipes 
Ceiling diffuser WGX
Ceiling diffuser WG
Draft Stopper
Dryer Heat Diverter Spec Sheet
Increaser & Reducers
SAF-T-DUCT™ Foil Tape
Extension collar
Window Plate Spec Sheet
Indoor Lint Trap Spec Sheet

Recessed Dryer Vent Outlet

Dryer Outlet Box